Artist Linda Giesen in her studio
Linda's Bio
I learned to weave in 2004 when I moved to the remote and beautiful Magdalena Mountains of central New Mexico. My first weaving teacher not only taught me about weaving, but also about sheep ranching, lambing, shearing, and wool processing.

I began with weaving rugs on a Rio Grande style “walking loom" (the traditional Spanish treadle looms introduced into the Southwest 400 years ago). My weaving was enhanced by time spent at the wool processing mill experimenting with fibers and creating yarns. I turned to tapestry weaving after taking a workshop from James Koehler. The five years I spent having James as teacher and mentor have shaped my weaving. I like weaving tapestries because of all the choices in design, color, and tapestry techniques that I need to make to bring the image alive on the loom.

I currently live and weave in Las Cruces, New Mexico, with my husband, Gerry, and our Westie "Phoebe", spending summers in Minneapolis, MN.
Artist Statement
Living in New Mexico, I am influenced by the rich southwestern cultural traditions, and inspired by the high desert landscape. The beauty found in a desert mesa at sundown, a stretch of white desert sand against a dark sky, or an ancient image carved into the land touches and moves me. It is these moments that I wish to capture on my loom. Weaving for me is not simply a journey through color and form, but also a journey of self-discovery and expression. In creating my tapestries I achieve a deeper understanding of myself.

My goal as an artist is to capture the essence of nature in an abstract way, and create movement through a subtle blending of colors.
Linda Giesen and Gerry